St Joseph’s Welcomes A New Chair of Trustees

St Joseph’s Services Welcomes Sister Kathleen Fox as Chair of the Board of Trustees, Sister Kathleen was elected by the Trustees in September 2021 following the decision of Sister Eileen Glancy to step down as chair after 5 years in post.

Sister Kathleen Fox’s involvement with St Joseph’s goes back to the 1970’s and throughout her time with St Joseph’s Sister Kathleen held many roles including that of Director at the time of closure of the big house and the integration of the people St Joseph’s Supports into the community. Sister Kathleen is used to leading during a time of change and her tenure as chair begins during one of the most challenging and difficult times experienced by Social Care. Having sat on the board since 2015 Sister Kathleen has excellent current knowledge about St Joseph’s and will support the Trustees and St Joseph’s shape our vision and future as we emerge from the pandemic.

Sister Kathleen in her letter of introduction to the people we support and staff said:

‘Dear Friends,

Outside the Chapel of the old St Joseph’s there was a poster which read ‘There are no strangers only friends we haven’t met.’ I would like to think l am an old friend, although some may not have met me, I am Sister Kathleen Fox the new Chair of Trustees.

“In one of Charles Dickens books, ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ the opening paragraph states,” It was the best of times, it was the worst of times!”  And wow what times we are living through.”

As a Trustee l am already aware of the sacrifices you have made, the sadness’s you have faced at home and in the workplace and l want to assure each of you that you are more appreciated than you will ever realise and thank you for all that you have done and still do throughout the service.

In times of war the enemy was obvious, but this virus is the unseen enemy loitering and lingering. Thank you for your dedication, your love and continued support which is seen and appreciated on many levels. The Board of Trustees l know echo these sentiments.  With the assurance of my support and prayers; looking forward to what lies ahead.’

Rob Jahoda CEO Said:

‘St Joseph’s and the People We Support are very close to Sister Kathleen’s heart. We are delighted to have Sister Kathleen to support us in the role of Chair.

“Sister Kathleen brings great experience, knowledge, compassion and genuine care for the people we support and I’m sure that during her tenure as chair we will continue to live our values, grow, develop and thrive.”

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