Pastoral care

Pastoral care has played a pivotal role in supporting adults with learning disabilities at St Joseph’s for over 95 years.

This reflects our commitment to go the extra mile, whether that’s offering a hand of friendship, a listening ear, a compassionate presence or a safe and confidential space. More broadly, pastoral care is about supporting people to shape their own lives, believing in them and the wonder of their being.

Pastoral care is built upon recognition and respect for every individual, with their own beliefs, talents, culture, values, relationships, preferences and interests. It acknowledges our shared humanity and the importance of creating healthy communities to help everyone to thrive.

We champion a shared responsibility for pastoral care. No matter their role, every member of the St Joseph’s team adopts an inclusive, person-centred approach, offering companionship to the people we support and their families, as well our colleagues.

Our Pastoral team

Dedicated, proactive and creative, our pastoral workers are integral to our multidisciplinary team.

Continuously available to sit, listen and offer a cup of tea when it matters most, they help to nurture an inspirational community within St Joseph’s, facilitating a sense of belonging for everyone.

Discussing her role, Angela shared that she feels privileged to be part of the community at St Joseph’s. The Vincentian values continue to build strong, inclusive care and support for our St Joseph’s family that is specific and relevant to each individual.

Prior to joining our team in 2018, Mrs Anne McEvoy worked in pastoral ministry at St Andrews and Edinburgh Diocese.
In supporting emotional, personal and spiritual wellbeing, our pastoral team recognise that for some, religion, belief and ritual offer meaningful context to their joys and struggles.

They therefore collaborate with ministers of all faiths and from a wide range of organisations to provide bespoke support to those who need it during their faith journeys.


An asset to our team, our passionate volunteers contribute their talents and unique perspectives to the delivery of pastoral care at St Joseph’s.

Stuart, who receives support from St Joseph’s himself, has connections and shared memories with many people we have supported since childhood. This provides him with an exceptional insight into their pastoral needs. Stuart can often be found calling in for a cup of tea, taking communion to those no longer able to go to church and brightening up someone’s day with flowers when they need it most.

Pat has been a valued part of the St Joseph’s team for almost 50 years. Whether it’s planning celebrations, visiting people in hospital, or maintaining connections with previous members of staff and families, she offers support wherever it is needed.

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