Our values

Our values are at the heart everything we do, benefiting the people we support, as well as our team.

As a value-based organisation, these overarching principles unite us and are championed by every member of our team. They enhance the quality of our relationships and continuously inspire and motivate us to deliver a service where the person matters.

Nurturing Values

Please enjoy this short film from the Values Group on the importance of Values to St Joseph’s

Core values

Our services are underpinned by seven core values.


They focus on the importance of relationships, connecting with others and a sense of belonging, which we believe are integral to personal growth. We refer to them as Vincentian values because they originate from the vision, teaching, inspiration and lives of St Vincent de Paul and St Louise de Marillac.

Our team collectively take responsibility for our values. This impacts how we see and relate to everyone and informs our tailored approach to care. Moreover, our values are woven into all of our policies, structures and decisions, and heavily inform our mission statement, vision and service promises.

Forming the solid foundations upon which our services are built, our values reinforce our commitment to help every person to live a full, meaningful and independent life, and create connections within our communities. Although at their core they have remained the same for over 90 years, our values are constantly evolving as we as an organisation continue to develop.


We value every individual and express this by treating them with dignity and respect at all times.


We believe in the goodness of people and their desire to grow. This strengthens our commitment to build relationships based on honesty and reliability.


Our environments, structures and practices are designed to enable every individual to make their own choices.


We believe every individual should have equal access to opportunities that allow them to reach their full potential.


Treating people with kindness and actively supporting them to build friendships for their wellbeing is key to our person-centred approach to care.


Our teams’ unique skills and experience allow us to deliver a consistently high quality, tailored service that nurtures every individual.


Approaching situations with a positive outlook opens up new opportunities.

Our values group

Facilitated by our dedicated pastoral team, we are proud to run an inclusive values group.

The primary purposes of this group are to encourage reflective discussion and to take ownership of our values. These regular meetings provide monthly reflections that can be accessed by everyone in the St Joseph’s team.

Through Vincentian pastoral care, we offer companionship to the people we support and their families and friends. This person-centred approach to care is a clear and accurate representation of our values in practice.

Shared Vincentian values

Alongside other Vincentian care projects, St Joseph’s is a member of the Daughters of Charity Services, which supports the development of Vincentian value-based organisations. We are proud to share a number of values, including:

  • Serving people who are experiencing the effects of poverty
  • Respecting each person’s dignity
  • Being compassionate and kind
  • Enabling choice and change
  • Acting in solidarity for justice

These shared values incorporate, complement and strengthen our own core values.



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