Board of Advisors

“Our role is important as we speak up for those people who can’t do that for themselves”

Quote from a member of the Board of Advisors 2021


Formed in 2012 the Board of Advisors is made up of a group of people who are supported by St Joseph’s which represents the voice of the people who use our services. Currently with 8 active members the Board of Advisors passionately believe it is important the people we support are involved all aspects of St Joseph’s as this provides an opportunity to shape the services and ensures people receive person centred support.

Attending every Trustee meeting the board of advisors guide and advise the Trustees on matters relating to the quality of care and support and what they expect the organisation to provide.

The board of advisors represent the people we support at all organisational forums and speak out for and on behalf of everyone – the board of advisors consult with all the people who use St Joseph’s, linking in with the other forums within St Joseph’s to ensure everyone has a voice.


“Involvement is important – the organisation is about us so we should be included’

Quote from a member of the Board of Advisors 2021


The presence of the Board of Advisors at the Trustee meeting ensures that the views of the people we support are heard at a strategic level – supporting strategic planning by being involved in discussion and giving feedback on positive aspects of St Joseph’s as well as any areas of improvement. This collaborative approach shapes St Joseph’s vision, at our annual development day the Board of Advisors open the day often with a fun activity which always has a serious message underpinning it with questions for the Trustees to reflect on.

“St Joseph’s is where the person matters”

Member of the Board of Advisors – Development Day 2019


This quote was made by one of the members of the Board of Advisors when we were designing our new logo at our development day in 2019 – everyone was so taken with this statement that it was unanimously voted upon across St Joseph’s and adopted as our strapline – ‘Where the Person Matters’.

The Board of Advisors work alongside the Trustees and senior team focussing on specific pieces of work and facilitating involvement and inclusion within the organisation – an example of this was when the Board of Advisors led upon the review of how St Joseph’s were performing against the Charter for Involvement and fed back the results to the Trustees.

Over a number of years the Board of Advisors have developed a strong relationship with the Trustees which they believe has contributed to the success of the partnership working. The Board of Advisors feel being able to fully participate in the Trustees meeting demonstrates the respect and value their contribution makes to the organisation.

Meeting on a monthly basis the Board of Advisors discuss key areas of development or things that they would like to highlight, they develop easy read policies and procedures and other easy read documents to assist and support communication.

The Board of Advisors were instrumental in changing St Joseph’s interview practice to ensure the people we support are present on all interview panels within the organisation to assist in the selection of new staff. Members of the board of advisors participating in staff training courses – support the learning and development of their staff which has increased the quality and value of St Joseph’s training sessions.


The Board of Advisors key aims are:

  • To ensure that people are fairly treated
  • To be committed to the rights of everyone with a Learning Disability
  • To listen to the voice of everyone within St Joseph’s
  • To Speak up for and on behalf of people receiving support
  • To lead on getting people involved in campaigning
  • To support St Joseph’s development and vision
  • To represent St Joseph’s at events
‘The Board of Advisors are integral part of St Joseph’s structure, approaching their role with diligence, commitment and enthusiasm. The Board of Advisors are absolutely committed to everyone within St Joseph’s and will always speak up if they feel there is an injustice and they will never shy away from challenging St Joseph’s practice. Together we have created a shared vision and future to make sure that our services, our support and our staff teams are always working hard to be as good as they can be. St Joseph’s would not be who we are without the Board of Advisors and I’d like to offer them my heartfelt thanks for all they do’.

Rob Jahoda, Chief Executive

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