40 Year Anniversary of the visit of Pope John Paul II to St Joseph’s Rosewell

On the 1st of June 1982 Pope John Paul II arrived in Rosewell, 40 years on we remember this historic occasion.

Pope John Paul II was the first reigning Pope to visit the UK, during this Pastoral visit the Pope visited 9 cities and delivered 16 addresses, it is of great significance to everyone at and involved with St Joseph’s that whilst on his visit to Scotland on 1st June 1982 His Holiness Pope John Paul II came to St Joseph’s.

Arriving by helicopter on a beautiful summers day he was met by 4,000 people and welcomed by the People St Joseph’s supported, Daughters of Charity, Families, Staff members and the Community.

The Broxburn Pipe Band played the Polish National Anthem which delighted the Pope.

The Pope was welcomed into the big house where he spent time meeting and speaking freely with people who received support, their families, staff and visitors.

A special address was given in the Chapel:

A “reason for my visit is to bear witness to the Church’s mission from Christ to care for all God’s people, especially those most in need.”

To read the full address please visit:



When writing the history of St Joseph’s the first 60 years Sister Louise said

“It was a never to be forgotten day and one of the happiest days in the history of St Joseph’s. The Pope radiated happiness and that happiness is still here.”

40 years after the visit by Pope John Paul II we still continue to remember and reflect upon the significance and privilege of receiving this visit and the fond memories that are still shared by many people at St Joseph’s.

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40 Year Anniversary of the visit of Pope John Paul II to St Joseph’s Rosewell

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